Fortuna Goddess of Prosperity Warm Bronze Finished 7 inch Statue

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Fortuna, Goddess of Prosperity Statue

This Fortuna or Fortune statue celebrates the Goddess of Fortune and Abundance who brings riches and plenty to all who invoke her.

Fortuna is the Roman Goddess of Fortune, chance, and prosperity, and one of the most popular Roman deities during the period of Servius Tullius.

She was the Roman adaptation of the Greek Goddess of Fortune, Tykhe. Other names for her were Primigenia, Virilis, Respiciens, Muliebris, and Annonaria.

She is usually portrayed standing, blindfolded, wearing a rich dress and holding either the cornucopia, rudder, ball, or wheel of fortune.

in Warm Faux Bronze Finished Resin

7.25 inches high x 2.25 wide base
(18.41cm x 5.71cm)