Global Peace Flags or Prayer Flags in English String

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Global Peace Flags or 5 Prayer Flags in English String

This Global Peace Flags String is 5 First Quality Handmade 100% Cotton Stamped Flags that are a Fair Trade item, Made in Nepal.

Healing Peace Flag String for Home or Garden, each flag with a healing and uplifting message, measuring approximately 6.5 inches x 9 inches (16.51cm x 22.86cm) and the set hangs 33 inches wide with 1 foot of string on each end.

These 100% sturdy, crisp cotton flags are hemmed and sewn on a cord.

Inspire and Promote Peace with this Global Peace Flag String; a thoughtful, unique gift.

The blue and green colors of this set remind us of Mother Earth and how precious peace is to her future.

Each Flag Carries a Messages:
Peace Begins with Me
May Respect and Tolerance Increase
Be Peace, Practice Kindness
Inner Peace Creates Global Peace
and We Can Be the Peace We Wish to See