Goddess Epona of Denon with Horse Animal Familiar Statue

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Goddess Epona Statue

EPONA...She is a lover of all animals, particularly horses, making Epona a perfect gift for the equestrian or the pet psychic!

Epona is often symbolized as a woman with horse or as the Mare herself. Her symbols are the Cornucopia, horse and dog. The Celtic love of horses is an ancient tradition and survives to this day.

This original Epona image represents psychic sight and communication with animals of all sorts. This image from Denon in Gaul shows Epona placidly seated on a mare, accompanied by a foal, with her hand bestowing blessing.

A powerful symbol for horses, and horse women in Celtic and Roman Mythology, when horses were the only means of transportation, and central to survival, Epona was revered as the most important Goddess.

It was believed that Epona had the ability to take human form or horse form and she was frequently seen as a strong, beautiful woman with a long mane of hair or as a magnificently strong horse.

Celtic Goddess of Horses and Fertility (Abundance)
10 inch statue - Red/Black colored Gypsumstone statue.
[Musee Denon, Gallo-Roman era]