Greek Goddess Demeter Statue Mother of the Abundant Harvest

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Greek Goddess Demeter Statue Mother of the Abundant Harvest

This sacred mother is comfortable in her skin and surrounded by her many symbols. With the torch to light her way in dark times, Demeter also holds the basket filled with the abundance of the harvest season. Modern Demeter is our artisans interpretation of this Goddess from contemporary visions. As a goddess of agriculture, tablets from the 13th century BC title her as "grain mother," "earth-mother," and "mother-earth."

Aside from Zeus as a consort, she also laid with Iasion on a thrice plowed field and to whom she bore Plutus (wealth). This is the ancient custom of ritual lovemaking to ensure the fertility of the fields that is a common neo-pagan ritual in modern times, usually celebrated on Beltaine (May 1st). The name of Demeter's son by this union, Plutus can be interpreted as the wealth of an abundant harvest.

Modern depiction of Abundance Goddess Demeter Standing with Basket and Torch
10 in. (25.4 cm) hand painted resin statue, rosy tan color finish.

Demeter (Greek) or Ceres (Roman)

Demeter/Ceres bequeths a cold, dark winter as penalty for the capture of her daughter by Hades, who took her to rule the underworld at his side. But the Goddess keeps hope alive by holding grain stalks and serpents as a sign of perpetual renewal when Spring celebrates her daughter Persephone's return. Demeter celebrates the Mother-Daughter Bond.

In Greece, all-important and life giving agriculture is presided over by Demeter. The Eleusinian mystery religion centered on her worship and on reverence for her lost daughter Persephone who was kidnapped and torn from her mother as the sheaf in Demeter's hand is reaped from the bosom of Mother Earth. Although Demeter rescues her daughter from the underworld, winter dark and cold is a sign of her grief.