Greek Goddess Hecate Statue with Torches To Lead Your Way

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Greek Goddess Hecate Statue with Torches To Lead Your Way

The Goddess Hecate Statue is shown holding her torches so we might find our way through the darkness.  Golden cream color finish varies because each statue is hand made by our artisans in India.

With her torches, Hecate led Persephone back from the underworld to reunite her in embrace with her mother, Demeter, and bring Spring back to the world.

A caring and personal guide, Hecate shows us the way to and from her Mysteries. She is a key-holder and light-bringer, protector and transitioner, gatekeeper and guide.

Images of Hecate often guarded the doorway to the inner sanctuary of the Mysteries. With her torches, she hurries through the night looking back to ensure we follow and do not loose our way at the crossroads.

The original Holy Trinity was the maiden-matron-crone holding triple sway over heaven, earth, and underworld. Her torch of lunar fire, serpent of immortality and knife of midwifery imbued her with primal power, especially in Greek, Egyptian and Celtic cultures. Christian tradition diabolized her as queen of witches to obscure her importance to the agrarian societies of medieval Europe as a source of healing magic.

[ Reconstructed from a pediment carving at Eleusis, Greece, 480 B.C.E.]

6 inch tall resin statue