Greek Goddess of the Harvest Demeter Cindus Enthroned Statue

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Greek Goddess of the Harvest Demeter Cindus Enthroned Statue

Authentic replica of the Goddess Demeter of Cnidus from 333 BCE.

Here the Goddess holds a torch in her right hand, sheaves of grain in her left and is accompanied by a small piggy companion, denoting abundance, prosperity and knowledge to light the way during the dark month of Winter.

[Demeter of Cnidus, British Museum, c. 333 BCE]

7 inch Clay-Resin Stone Colored Statue with very light red highlights.

Demeter (Greek) or Ceres (Roman)

Demeter/Ceres bequeaths a cold, dark winter as penalty for the capture of her daughter by Hades, who took her to rule the underworld at his side. But the Goddess keeps hope alive by holding grain stalks and serpents as a sign of perpetual renewal when Spring celebrates her daughter Persephone's return. Demeter celebrates the Mother-Daughter Bond.

In Greece, all-important and life giving agriculture is presided over by Demeter. The Eleusinian mystery religion centered on her worship and on reverence for her lost daughter Persephone who was kidnapped and torn from her mother as the sheaf in Demeter's hand is reaped from the bosom of Mother Earth. Although Demeter rescues her daughter from the underworld, winter dark and cold is a sign of her grief.