Greek Silenus with Dionysus Statue

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Greek Silenus Statue with his Foster Son Dionysus
Silenus with Dionysus

Greek fatherhood statue. We couldn't resist this image of gentle fatherhood and foster parenting. Silenus, son of Hermes, was foremost among the woodland spirits.  Exceptionally wise and gentle, he was chosen as foster father to Bacchus/Dionysus.

The infant god of wine and celebration is cradled by his sturdy forest guardian, and was later present when Dionysus wed Ariadne.

Thereafter merry Silenus rode a donkey in all bacchanal processions.  He represents the ideal father and the best and dearest of  the fathers you love.

Antique walnut colored Gypsum stone and resin statue, made by our artisan's cooperative in India.
10 in. tall / 25.4 cm tall.