Green Tara Statue

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Green Tara Statue

4.5 inches high / 11.43 cm high
Brass Green Tara Statuette

This is a very high quality full metal art sculpture.

Hand shined of brass metal, smooth surfaces, and intricate detail show off this
little superior quality Tara metal statue.
Tara is the central female diety of Tibet. As a bodhisattva, she blesses and saves those who pray to her. The faithful may appeal to her directlly without the intermediary of a lama. She is an emanation of Avalokitesvara, the bodhisattva of mercy. She is considered the mother of all buddhas and bodhisattvas.

There are 21 forms of Tara. The Tara shown in this figurine is Green Tara. Green Tara is particularly associated with earth and conservation and protection of the planet. She is incarnate in all good women, crowned and adorned with flora and fauna of earth's harvest. She is particularly associated with conservation and protection of the planet, often resonnating with gardening women or those that find solace in the natural world.

She is usually pictured seated on a lotus throne, right leg pendant with foot supported by a small lotus. Her right hand is in "charity" mudra and her left in "argument" mudra.