Habondia Celtic Goddess Plaque

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Banner says "Habondia" in Theban Script
Small Wood Finish Plaque
5 1/4"h x 4"w x 7/8"d

The Anglo-Saxon Goddess of Abundance and Prosperity, Habondia is descended from a Germanic Goddess of the Earth.
She is surrounded by the abundance of harvests gifts in the form of life-giving fruits and vegetables. Celtic knotwork frames the outside of this work.

This Goddess is ripe with pregnancy as well, and a great gift for a pregnant woman, mid-wife or other health professional involved in the birthing process.

Habondia ensured the abundance of crops and herds for her devotees, as well as safe birth and healthy delivery.

Her name is written in Theban script on the banner of this piece, originally a wood carving by artist Paul Borda.

Call on Habondia to promote growth and abundance in your life.