Hecate Triple Goddess Pendant in Jeweler's Sterling Silver

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Hecate Triple Goddess Pendant - Crone Aspect of the Great Mother

Hecate, Goddess of the crossroads

Size: 1.25 inches high excluding bail
Material: .925 Quality Sterling Silver 
Weight (lbs): .5 oz.

Hecate is the name of the ancient Greek Goddess of Transformation and Choice. She waits for us at the midnight crossroads, serenaded by the sound of Her baying hounds, hooting owls and hissing serpents.

Her torches shine out in the dark to illuminate our most difficult decisions. She offers us a magick key to the mysteries of life and a sacred knife to divide this from that.

Considered a major Goddesses of Witchcraft, she is regarded as one of the three aspects of the lunar triple Goddess: the Crone or Dark Moon.

One of the most popular Goddesses of the modern Goddess and Pagan movements, She protects all children, midwife's the mother in childbirth, grants wisdom to the aged and guides the spirit out of life and into death. She is especially popular with menopausal women but She is there for anyone who has to make a hard choice.

This powerful Wisdom Goddess is presented in Her triple aspect, standing with two of Her sacred animals: the hound and the serpent and surrounded by a border with a Greek key design.

This oval pendant measures 1.25 inches tall by 1 inch wide (not including the loop and bale).

**Designed by Oberon Zell