Hecate's Wheel Pendant in Jeweler's White Bronze

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Hecate's Wheel Goddess Pendant : Crone Aspect of the Great Mother

Size: 1.25 inches diameter or 3.41cm across, excluding bail

Material: Jeweler's White Bronze
Weight (lbs): .5 oz.

Jeweler's white bronze shines in this depiction of the triple Goddess Hecate's Wheel Pendant, shadowed in the back of the 3-d wheel to highlight the symbolism in raised silver. Flat on the back.

This is an ancient symbol of the Goddess Hecate, also called the iynx. It represents the labyrinth of Her threefold path and also the Goddess Herself who stands at the center where three roads cross.

The iynx was used as a charm to attract lovers and it was spun as a devotional wheel and as a divinatory device. An important tool in the Orphic Mysteries, it is referred to in the Chaldean Oracles.

The iynx was also the name of a bird: the wryneck, which was sacred to Hecate's rites, given the task of transporting the magick into and out of manifestation.

The word 'jinx' is related to this Greek word. Possibly it was used as some point as a thaumatrope with the image of Her labyrinth on one side and a bird or serpent on the other; then spun to merge the two images.

Our version of Hecate's Wheel is in the form of a pendant 1.25 inches in diameter,
that can be worn proudly and even used as a tool for dousing.
Jeweler's White Bronze or Sterling Silver with painted black enamel in the background.