Hermes Mercury Statue Greek Mythological Messenger of the Gods

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Hermes Mercury Statue Greek Mythological Messenger of the Gods

A Greek and Roman messenger of the gods, Mercury or Hermes is a deity of wealth, trade and travelers. Using his winged sandals he named 'talaria,' he assisted many gods in delivering messages. He holds his famous symbol, the caduceus, which later became a symbol for medicine and alchemy.

Hermes was the son of Zeus and the nymph Maia, Altas' daughter. He was the god of shepherds, merchants, literature, and thieves. Also a messenger of the gods, he escorted souls to the underworld. A most clever of all the Olympian gods, he invented the lyre, fire, the musical scale, astronomy, weights, measures, the alphabet, boxing, racing and the care of olive trees.

Size: 13 in. High
Material: hand finished faux warm bronze finish
Weight (lbs): 3.8 lbs

(from Bulfinch's Mythology - Age of Fable)

Mercury (Hermes) was the son of Jupiter (Zeus) and Maia. He presided over commerce, wrestling, and other gymnastic exercises, even over thieving, and everything, in short, which required skill and dexterity. He was the messenger of Jupiter, and wore a winged cap
and winged shoes. He bore in his hand a rod entwined with two serpents, called the caduceus.

Mercury is said to have invented the lyre. He found, one day, a tortoise, of which he took the shell, made holes in the opposite edges of it, and drew cords of linen through them, and the instrument was complete. The cords were nine, in honor of the nine Muses. Mercury gave the lyre to Apollo, and received from him in exchange the caduceus.