Hindu Goddess Laxsmi Lakshmi Statuette

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Hindu Goddess Laxsmi Lakshmi Statuette

Goddess Hindu Sri Lakshmi Statuette Miniature

3.125 inches tall or 7.93 cm tall (3 1/8 inches tall)

Resin with Bronze Color Finish Laxsmi Statue

Hand finished and hand painted for a first quality, detailed statue.

Depicted holding or seated upon the lotus, symbol of spiritual purity, fertility and vegetative growth, the Goddess Sri Laxmi is venerated, like Ganesh, for her auspicious nature. She carries a coffer, and gold coins shower from her hand.

She represents the supreme divine principle which pervades all creation with vitality and consciousness. Actively venerated by nearly 1 billion Hindus, Laxshmi is the modern face of the ancient Great Mother Goddess; stalks of grain surrounding her head often connote a rich harvest.

Lakshmi, or Sri, is the Hindu Goddess of love and beauty and the Indian equivalent of Aphrodite, for she was born on a lotus from the churning of the milky sea when her consort Vishnu manifested as a tortoise avatar. She has strong associations with the fall festival of Divali.

Allow her blessings to shower on any space where abundance is needed.