Hindu Goddess of Transformation Kali Bhairavi Statue

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Hindu Goddess of Transformation Kali Bhairavi Black Statue

Kali statue is flat black resin and sacred Ganges Clay mixed together lovingly by our artisan's cooperative in India, then hand painted and hand finished. She's a detailed image that's subtle in Her fierceness due to the uniform black color.

Hindu Goddess Kali Bhairavi Figurine
This Kali statue measures 7.5 inches high

Bhairavi means "terrible." The Tantras says of Bhairavi, " Softly smiling, you shine with a crimson glow that may be compared to a thousand newly risen suns. You wear a silken veil and a garland of skulls. Blood smears your breast. Three voluptuous eyes adorn your lotus face; the moon is your diadem. Your lotus hands show the gestures of victory of wisdom, the granting of boons, and the allaying of fear."

Here, the four-armed Kali holds the noose that symbolizes material attachment, the goad representing wrath, the sugarcane bow that represents a mind full of desires. These tools are delicately attached, so place Her safely.

Goddess Kali causes the burning and destruction of all limitations, preconceived ideas, erroneous conceptions, and illusions regarding our individual existence. Kali's specific action is necessary for protecting us from harmful influences and for guiding us in spiritual growth. A mother defending her children, the Great Cosmic Power Tripura Bhairavi, Kali is destroyer of the obstacles and hardships on the spiritual path. Her creative center and opening to the vulva is subtly pronounced in this depiction.

Kali is one of the ten Objects of Transcendent Knowledge (maha-vidya). It is through the destruction of all that appears to us desirable and by facing what appears to us most fearful, that we can become free from bondage and attain the aim of our existence, the limitless supreme bliss of nonexistence. [India, 1500 C.E.]