Hindu Lord Shiva Nataraja Metal Statue

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Hindu Lord Shiva Nataraja Two Toned All Metal State

Made by our Artisans cooperative in India, this Shiva Nataraja statue is two toned in brass and copper colors. It's all  brass.

Within the arch of flames, Shiva dances in the full metal, hand polished and finished statue. It's a perfect medium size for spiritual altars or spaces.

Shown as the source of all movement within the cosmos, the purpose of the dance is to release humans from the illusion of the physical world. The gestures of the cosmic dance represent Shiva's five activities: creation (symbolized by the drum), protection (by the 'fear not' hand gesture), destruction (by the fire), embodiment (by the foot planted on the ground),
and release (by the foot held aloft).

As the Lord of Dance, Shiva represents destruction and creation as he transforms the illusory world of Maya into power and enlightenment.

 Statue in Copper and Brass
Height: 6 inches high