Isle of Avalon Ring Celtic Jewelry

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The Isle of Avalon Ring

Celtic knot work Avalon ring in sterling silver is created in the ancient tradition. Avalon is the mystic Celtic isle of magic, a place where lovers remain forever young and forever in love.

Avalon is the home of the Morrigan, the shape-changing goddess of healing, music and the arts.

Called "The Fortunate Isle," Avalon can be reached only by the development of great courage, loyalty and virtue.

This superbly crafted Celtic ring  will stand up to wear and last a liftime. The Avalon ring, presented here in sterling silver and 1/4" wide, is a Celtic knotwork band symbolizing Courage, Loyalty, and Virtue.

This is a robust band that will stand up to wear and last a lifetime - a true heirloom piece.
Made in USA.

1/4 inch wide Avalon ring is .925 quality sterling silver knot work band.