Ixchel Statue The Crone la Diosa de Mexico Goddess of Childbirth

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Ixchel  Crone Statue: La Diosa de Mexico; Statue of Transformation

Ixchel Statue. Ixchel's hurricanes wash over the Earth and permit new growth, in the same way that our tears of emotion reopen us to a sense of wholeness.

Pictured in this statue, she embodies the healing power that ancient cultures attributed to wise elder women.

Ixchel Crone Storm Goddess of Healing and Transformation. Called Old Goddess with the Tiger Claws by the Mayas, she is the personification of torrential seasonal rains, which gush from her water pot. Her hurricanes cleanse the earth and permit new growth.

The feathered serpent/turtle crown identifies her as patroness of fertility, goddess of the moon and consort to Itzamna (the Sun God).

[From a Codex, c. 1650 CE.]

from Mexico's Island of Women, Isla Mujeres
8.25 inches high (20.95 cm) Ganges Clay and Resin Statue
Dusty jade color finish hand finished and made by our artisan's cooperative in India.