Ixchel Statue with Moon and Rabbits: Goddess of Fertility and Childbirth

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Ixchel Statue with Moon and Rabbits: Goddess of Fertility and Childbirth

Ixchel is often depicted giving birth, holding a fish or in the company of a rabbit, all of these symbols represent abundance and fertility in the ancient Mayan culture.

Also the goddess of water and the moon, of childbirth and weaving, she is said to have taken the sun as her lover.

Honored as the weaver of the life cycle, She was responsible for giving rain to the crops and was referred to as "Lady Rainbow."

She would overturn her sacred womb jar and let the waters flow bringing fertility to the crops and therefore an abundant harvest.

Moon Ixchel is Hand Painted and Hand finished by our artisan's cooperative in India.  10 inches high or 25.4 cm