Kali Goddess Pendant in Sterling Silver

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Kali, Dark Goddess of India Pendant

This detailed Kali pendant is a wonderful depiction of the Goddess who is the destroyer of the old, and the bringer of the new.

Size: 1.25 x 1 inches excluding bail
Material: .925 Quality Sterling Silver
Weight (lbs): .5 oz.

Kali Ma is one of the most ancient Hindu Goddesses, and a dark and death bringing aspect of Parvati or Durga. Her worship predates the Indo-European conquest in India and the city of Calcutta is named for Her.

She has many myths associated with Her and She appears in many forms ranging from the erotic to the horrific. She is sometimes seen as the destructive aspect of the Great Mother Goddess: Maha Maya Ma.

As a personification of Time itself, She sweeps away all that is old and decayed to make way for the new growth. Dancing on the body of Her lover, Shiva, Kali is a force unstoppable except by the powers of love and devotion.

Those who can love Kali never need fear death for She banishes all fear and illusions. Her wild dance is frozen in a moment of Time and turned into a lovely pendant by Oberon Zell. She can be worn by all who are proud to declare that they have conquered fear and can embrace the Goddess in Her fiercest form.