Kuan Yin Pendant or Quon Yin Pendant

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Kuan Yin Pendant or Quon Yin Pendant

The Kwan Yin pendant represents the Goddess of Compassion enthroned on a lotus flower and the customized stone of your choice.

Symbolism of Kwan Yin

She is known as "She who hears the voice of the world" and "Ocean of Compassion." In a chaotic and ever-changing universe she pours forth endlessly from her nectar bowl of healing and kindness. One leg is extended so that she may leap into activity for the sake of sentient beings. One of her many names is also Avalokitesvara. Her mantra: Om Mani Padme Hum

The Tarot is a system of both divination (foretelling the future or the circumstances of the present or past) and philosophy. It is said that after the burning of the great library at Alexandria, the scholars, mystics and philosophers created the system of Tarot so that the ancient wisdom could always be received. Tarot images represent the great archetypes in a manner that makes them open to understanding on many levels.

Sterling silver pendant with stone is just over an inch tall in .925 quality stamped sterling silver. Made in USA.

Please allow 10 days for us to custom make your pendant and send it to you.
Custom jewelry is non-refundable.