Kwan Yin Nanhai Blessing on the Sea Statue Bodhisattva of Buddhism

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Kwan Yin Nanhai Statue,  Bodhisattva of Buddhism

Blessings on the Sea

Kwan Yin Nanhai is a replica of the statue of Avalokitesvara, a Bodhisattva of Buddhism from the Nanhai Temple. She holds the ship's wheel indicating safe travels and navigation on the Sea. This huge original statue is pointed toward the South China Sea. Beautifully detailed and serene in her presentation, she is perfect for nautical decor or sea travelers. Standing on a fully opened lotus, the flower symbolizes the full attainment of enlightenment by this Goddess.

Faux Bronze with reddish patina highlights,
hand finished and polished to perfection
Statue is 15 inches high (38.1 cm)
with approx 6 inch diameter base (15.24 cm)
About 5 pounds