Mermaid in Shell Statue Atargatis Goddess Statue

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Mermaid in Shell Statue Atargatis Goddess Statue

This beautiful Mermaid is "coming out of her shell" in this faux warm bronze mermaid statue.

A delightful little statue that's pretty and meaningful for the right recipient.

6 inches high / 15.24cm

Syrian Atargatis Mermaid Goddess
Ruler of the Seven Seas
Roman Goddess Dea Syria
"The great mistress of the North Syrian lands"

ATARGATIS- Syrian Mermaid Goddess of the early 3rd century, with a great temple at Hierapolis, She was a protector of community . The water surrounding her typifies the protection of water in producing life, as in the water sack that surrounds the developing fetus.

Atargatis is the founder of social and religious life, the goddess of generation and fertility, and the inventor of useful appliances. A great Nature-goddess, She holds the power of destiny. Myths include a woman who became preganant, flung herself into the lake, and emerged as half fish, having been saved by water nymphs. Her child became a Syrian Queen.