Mermaid Melusine Pendant with Rainbow Stone

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Mermaid Melusine Pendant with Rainbow Stone

Measures 2 1/4 height x 2 1/2 width in inches
or 5.71 in height by 6.35 in width in cm

Brilliantly beautiful, this .925 quality sterling silver pendant is large and stunning.

Melusine is a serpent goddess mentioned in the Charge. She appears in many legends found in Irish, Scottish, French and Albanian lore. In one tale, she marries on the condition that her husband never asks where she goes on Saturdays. Curious, he follows her and comes upon Melusine for the first time in her serpent form. Saddened, she grows wings and flies away.

Melusine teaches about building love and commitment through trust and restraint. As long as her boundaries are respected, she is known to bring great happiness and prosperity.