Nile Earth Goddess Creation Pendant - Large

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Nile Earth Goddess Creation Pendant - Large

This Nile Earth Goddess jewelry is a very ancient goddess design, expressed in pendant, earrings, bracelet or ring, she opens her womb in luminous color with the stone of your choice.

Shown here in Sterling Silver with 10mm Lapis, 1.7 inches tall with the bale hidden in back.
Also available in a smaller pendant.

Symbolism of the Earth Dreamer

In her gesture she "brings down" the power of heaven and embodies within herself all the power, grace, beauty and mystery that is woman. She carries in her jeweled womb the creative force of nature and life.

Inspired by a terracotta Egyptian figure, 4000 B.C.E.

1.7 inches long with 10 mm stone.
.925 Quality Sterling Silver pendant Made in the USA.

Please allow 10 days for custom jewelry to be set by the jeweler and sent to us.

Custom jewelry is non-refundable.