Norse Goddess Freya Statue Swedish Museum Replica

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Norse Goddess Freya Statue Swedish Museum Replica

Freya Statue. Freya ruled Odin's Valkyries and is reputed to have taught him women's mysteries. Together with her consort-brother Frey she was ruler of the Vanir, ancient matrifocal nature deities who pre-existed Norse patriarchy.

In this recreation of a 6th century Swedish bronze image she is shown smiling, encircled by her great necklace Brisingamen. She gave her name to Friday. Note the floreate detail of her headdress and necklace.

[Sweden, 6th cent. CE]

Museum replica statue in hunter green with slate wash Gypsum stone, made by our artisan's cooperative in India.

6.5 inches high by 5.5 inches wide