Norse Goddess Frigga or Frigg Statue

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Norse Goddess Frigga or Frigg Statue

by artist Derek W Frost in warm faux bronze finish.

8 inches from bottom to top of head
10.75 inches from bottom to top of staff
base is 7.25 inches wide

"Frigga or Frigg was the Norse Queen of the Gods (wife of Odin) residing in Asgard.  She is patroness of marriage and goddess of the clouds.

According to our ancestor's declarations, she possessed the knowledge of the future, which, however, no one could ever prevail upon her to reveal.

Tall and beautiful Frigga preferred to remain in her own palace, called Fensalir, the hall of mists or of the sea, where she diligently twirled her wheel or distaff, spinning golden thread or weaving long webs of bright colored clouds.

This marvelous jeweled spinning wheel shone brightly in the night sky in the shape of a constellation known in the North as Frigga's Spinning Wheel, while inhabitants of the South called the same stars Orion's Girdle.

Frigga was also considered the goddess of conjugal and motherly love, and was specially worshiped by married lovers and tender parents."
(from Myths of Northern Lands by Helene Adeline Guerber)