Pagan Great Rite Statue Forest God and Moon Maiden

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 Pagan Great Rite Forest God and Moon Maiden Statue: Enlightenment through sexuality

Pagan Great Rite Statue. The Forest God and Moon Goddess join their magical energies as they embrace in the most sacred Pagan Wiccan ritual.

Seated on a pentacle within a circle, they are surrounded by symbols of their mastery over life, death, love, power and energy.

While the historical origins of the actual Great Rite as sacred ritual are shrouded in mystery, for many Pagans and Wiccans today the symbolic Great Rite is central to their spiritual practices.The symbolic Great Rite is often observed with the ritual immersion of an athame (blade) into a chalice (cup), which serve to represent the union of the God and the Goddess.

The sacred marriage (hieros gamos) of the Goddess and the God is traditionally celebrated at Beltane on May 1.

[design by Bose & Allen 2010]

Size: 9 inches High
Material: red color handfinished resin statue
Weight (lbs): 4 lbsze Finishes