Persephone and Hades Wall Plaque

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Persephone and Hades Pagan Wall Plaque

Persephone and Hades Plaque show the King and Queen of the Underworld enthroned. In the classic Eleusinian myth, she rises from the earth each spring to join her mother Demeter, the grain goddess, and bring fertility back to the earth.

Hades means "the Unseen." His Roman name Pluto means "the Rich" a reference to the plentiful mineral resources beneath the ground and fertility of the Earth. Pluto is worshiped as the god of wealth, since the wealth of the earth comes from what lies below. The attributes of Hades include his 3 headed watchdog Cerberus.

Here they are holding symbols associated with their worship: grain, parsley, a rooster and a bowl.

[Greek Marble relief, 480 B.C.E.]

7 ¾ inch silver/black resin plaque