Spiral Goddess in Warm Bronze Finish

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Spiral Goddess in Warm Bronze Finish

Her arms are joined in the "drawing down the moon" gesture.

A leafless tree represents the Goddess rooted in the Earth, swelling toward regeneration while bathed in the glow of waxing, full, and waning moons.

Spiral Goddess: This delicate Goddess represents the creative powers of the Divine Feminine, and the never ending circle of creation emanating from her solar plexus. Her reverse side is a symbol of positive, dynamic energy branching out into nature through tree and moon.

From deepest Prehistory onwards, the spiral was associated with horns and snakes, and symbolized dynamism, fertility and the vital magic of life. Profusions of spirals decorate ancient temples in Ireland, Malta and Mycenea, as well as countless pictographic monuments throughout the world.

Here the Goddess raises her arms, invoking the spiral-power within Her. An original contemporary Goddess created by Abby Willowroot. Her consort is the "Spiral Lord."

Faux bronze finish. 8 inches high.