Strong Man Atlas Holding Heaven and Stars Container Statue

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Atlas Holding Heaven and Stars Container Statue

A story of Atlas from Bulfinch's Mythology:

"Of Atlas there is another story, which I like better than the one told. He was one of the Titans who warred against Jupiter like Typhoeus, Briareus, and others.

After their defeat by the king of gods and men, Atlas was condemned to stand in the far western part of the earth, by the Pillars of Hercules, and to hold on his shoulders the weight of heaven and the stars.

The story runs that Perseus, flying by, asked and obtained rest and food. The next morning he asked what he could do to reward Atlas for his kindness. The best that giant could think of was that Perseus should show him the snaky head of Medusa, that he might be turned to stone and be at rest from his heavy load."

Globe is also a container with removable lid

Size: 12.5 in. High
Material: hand finished faux bronze statue with container
Weight (lbs): 4 lbs