Sumerian Goddess Lilith Statue The First Feminist

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Sumerian Goddess Lilith Statue The First Feminist

This Lilith statue shows the Goddess accompanied by birds of wisdom and kings of beasts. She holds the rod and ring of Sumerian royal authority (or glyph of 100,000).

In the oldest mythologies she is a Goddess and in later stories she is demonized. Lilith is a motherless form of the divine feminine even known to some as the wife of Yahweh. As the embodiment of the neglected, outcast and rejected aspects of the Great Goddess she calls women to rise up in strength to reclaim their own divinity.

Silver-Brown or Rose-Beige-color varies a bit
8 inch Freestanding
Statue of polished sacred Ganges Clay and resin made by our artisan's cooperative in India.

[Colville collection, c. 2300 BCE]