Tarot Card Pendant The Star 3-D

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The Star 3-D Tarot Pendant

The Star Tarot Jewelry pendant stands for truth, a guiding light to the future, hope and healing. Follow the north star to you journey's end!

Symbolism of The Star Tarot: Clarity of Vision and Spiritual Insight

The Star is a card that looks to the future. It predict hope, healing, and unexpected help enroute, with a guiding light to the future. The Star is one of those cards everyone loves. Usually the most beautiful card in a tarot deck, it suggests the peace and harmony of its meaning.

There is nothing negative about this card, but whatever hope and healing future it offers, it might not be immediate. This is a soft card whose vision is for tomorrow. It is a pendant that predicts unexpected help as a first step on the road toward healing.

The Star stands for Truth. Truth as a naked woman, eternally young and beautiful, pours forth the waters of spiritual blessing and healing upon the flowering earth. All is illumined by the great eight pointed star and the seven lesser stars symbolizing the divine radiance of enlightenment. The bird in the background sings the song of happiness in divine union.

Sterling silver pendant with custom stone.1-3/8 inch tall.
Made in USA.
Please allow 10 days for us to custom make your pendant and send it to you.
Custom jewelry is non-refundable.

The Tarot is a system of both divination (foretelling the future or the circumstances of the present or past) and philosophy. It is said that after the burning of the great library at Alexandria, the scholars, mystics and philosophers created the system of Tarot so that the ancient wisdom could always be received. Tarot images represent the great archetypes in a manner that makes them open to understanding on many levels.