White Tara Statue Tibetan or Buddhist Goddess 'Who Saves'

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White Tara Statue

This is a very nicely detailed statue on the smaller side, with tiny eyes on her hands and feet inviting all supplicants to her. This White Tara would really dress up your altar or indoor garden area. Perfect for desktop as well. Hand painted faux bronze with colorful detail. A lovely piece of art.

6 inches high x 5 inches wide

Tara is the Mother Goddess who answers human supplication.

Tibetan Buddhism numbers 21 Taras, often featuring seven all-seeing eyes of compassion (three in the forehead, one in each palm and foot sole). White Tara, the mild form of the goddess, promises health, long life and prosperity.Green Tara promotes growth, solves practical problems and protects our everyday world.

Tara's name means One Who Saves. She epitomizes the influence of the older mother-goddess cults upon the Buddhist Mahayana religion. Her concept evolved in India and later she became the most important goddess in the Mahayana pantheon. She holds a very prominent position in Tibet and Nepal.

Tara was born from a tear of the Boddhisatwa of Compassion, Avolokiteswora. She was conceived primarily as a savioress and is, therefore, the female counterpart of Avolokiteswora. She is also generally regarded as his consort and is frequencly portrayed with him.

Tara is believed to protect the human beings while they are crossing the ocean of existence. Her compassion for living beings, her desire to save them from suffering, is said to be stronger than a mother's love for her children.

Among the forms of Tara: when she is red, yellow and blue, she is in menacing mood; white or green she is gentle and loving.