Tree of Life Goddess Statue Flowering Fertile Earth Goddess

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Tree of Life Goddess Statue: Flowering Fertile Earth Goddess

This deeper green Tree of Life Goddess Statue embodies the spirit of growth, insight and sustenance. This statue is a great offering for gardeners, tree-huggers, and nature lovers of all kinds on your gift list, as well as a natural focal point for meditations aimed at earth healing.

The Tree of Life Goddess' branches stretch to the heavens, her roots penetrate the dark humus, and her leaves create the air we breathe. In this shape we can venerate her as Artemis, as Gaia, as the healing power of our Planetary Mother.

On the back, the Snake of rebirth and renewal uncoils from its sacred spiral in the ever-changing cycle.

7.5 in. high - Hand painted by our artisans cooperative in India.  Made of Gypsum stone and sacred Ganges River Clay.