Durga Statue Plaque Goddess of Accomplishment and Prosperity

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Hindu Goddess Durga Standing Plaque

Made by our artist cooperative in Calcutta, India
Riding upon a lion and wielding a weapon in each of her ten arms, the Hindu warrior goddess Durga calmly defeats the buffalo demon. He symbolizes the egoistic illusions of maya (everyday reality) which delude us and keep us from knowing our innate divinity.

Durga defeats the demon while her lion defeats the buffalo he rides.

Sacred Ganges Clay materials and resin made by our artisan's cooperative in India.
10.5 inches high (26.67 cm) x 7.5 inches wide (19.05 cm)
about 2 inches deep (5.08 cm) and 2 pounds (.9 kilos)
Hand finished standing resin plaque with gold color antiquing.
Wall hanging as well.