Venus of Lespugue Goddess Pendant

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Venus of Lespugue Goddess Pendant

The Venus of Lespugue Goddess jewelry represents an ancient Goddess from France. About 25,000 b.c., this image of the Venus of Lespugue was found in 1922 by Saint Perrier in the cave of Les Rideaux in the foothills of the Pyrennes. The original sculpture is made out of mastodon ivory.

This Mother Goddess of the tiny island of Malta represents the fertility of Earth and female, of abundance and overflowing nurture. Wide-hips and ready breasts signal an honoring of female pulchritude and sustenance.

Upper Paleolithic female figures such as this one are found from the Pyrenees mountains to Siberia, indicating that East and West were once united in honoring the Goddess during the stone age.

The shape, so arresting to modern eyes, expresses with force and vigor the fecundity and endless abundance of the gifts of the Divine Mother. Her body overflows, bending the boundaries of our minds with this bold and straightforward celebration of the absolute fullness of the Divine Feminine. Embodied in the form as well is a profound prayer that she will bountifully manifest in the moment.

Sterling silver pendant with stone 1.88 inch tall that is .925 quality stamped sterling silver.

Made in USA.  Please allow 10 days for us to custom make your pendant and send it to you.
Custom jewelry is non-refundable.