Yemaya or Yemanja Goddess Statue

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Yemaya or Yemanja Yoruba Goddess Statue


This joyful Yemaya statue shows the Ocean Goddess in her fish form as a mermaid body and an African featured Goddess image.

Yemaya frolicking in the waves. As an Ocean Orisha, she's happiest among the sea life and here she springs forth from the Ocean with great joy and passion.

Feel the joy of frolicking in the waves as a mermaid Goddess. Here Yemanja shows us her lust for freedom and joy a a beautiful she sea serpent.
Yemaya: The Orisha of the Ocean and Motherhood, Yemayah was brought to the New World by the peoples of Nigeria via Brazil and Cuba, where she has been venerated for centuries as Protectress during the middle passage of slavery.

She is the Ocean Goddess, bedecked with sacred cowrie shells, the ultimate manifestation of female power.

In Brazil, on new year's eve, people celebrate the Feast of Yemanja on the beach by digging trenches in the sand and filling them with candles to create sacred spaces full of peace and serenity. At midnight they launch flowers and offerings into the sea and immerse themselves in the purifying and protective foamy mantle of the waves.

Yemanja, Goddess of the Ocean and Mother of Pearls, is shown standing on the waves offering her blessings for the families praying on the shore.
She is the Orisha of procreation, gestation, and the family, and holds absolute reign over the hearth fire.

Many in Brazil consider her to be the Mother of all Orishas. She is sometimes represented as a mermaid, a white seashell and the Virgin Mary. Mistress of the Line of Water Vibrations.

Size: 10.5 inches high / 26.67cm high
Base: 5.5 inches x 3.25 inches
13.97cm x 8.25cm

Material: warm hand finished and shined to perfection faux bronze resin materials